Creating a Storyboard from Scratch Using AI for Concept Generation

In the left-side menu, navigate to the Dashboard and select the option that starts from scratch without a prepared script or concept

On the pop-up page, provide the storyboard title then click Submit to create the storyboard

You will be directed to the Project Brief tab, where you can:

Select the video type and style from the drop-down menus

Enter a project brief with a maximum of 500 characters

Designate team members who can make changes to the storyboard

Unassigned teammates can only view the storyboard

Click Save to confirm changes

To use AI to generate the concept, click Submit to Create a Concept

You will be taken to the Concept tab

The page refreshes every 20 seconds to check for updates, or you can manually refresh using the dedicated button

When the concept is ready, you’ll receive an email notification

If the generated concept does not meet your satisfaction, click Concept and select Generate Another Concept to obtain a new one

To edit a frame’s contents, click the edit icon at the top right corner of the frame

You can also delete frames, create doodles for premium sketches, or add new frames by clicking New Frame and filling in the necessary information

Rearrange frames by dragging them to the desired position

Once you are satisfied with the concept, click Approve and Submit for Sketching to proceed with generating the images