Creating a Storyboard Using an Existing Script

1. In the left-side menu, navigate to the Dashboard.
2. Select the 2nd option (Upload my script and concept to create a new storyboard using CSV).
3. In the drawer, provide the storyboard title, define the aspect ratio, video duration, video type, video style, and language from the drop-down lists.
4. Enter the project brief.
5. To import your script, begin by downloading the template.
6. Open the file.
7. Refer to the sample script within the template for guidance.
8. Enter your script into the file and remove the sample script.
9. Only the description field is required, you may leave the rest blank.
10.Save the file.
11.Click Upload CSV.
12.Select the completed file and click Open.
13.Click Submit to create the new storyboard.
14.If the import is successful, you will be taken to the Concept tab.
15.Each row in the file will appear as separate frames.
16.To replace an existing concept, click Concept and select Import Another Concept.
17.Select another file and click Open.
18.Tick the box and click Proceed to acknowledge the frame overwrite warning.
19.To edit a frame’s contents, click the edit icon at the top right corner of the frame.
20.You can also delete frames, or add new frames by clicking New Frame and filling in the necessary information.
21.Rearrange frames by dragging them to the desired position.
22.Once you are satisfied with the concept, click Next Step: Images to proceed with generating the images.