Adding Background Music in Your Storyboard Video

1. In the Storyboard tab, locate the desired storyboard.
2. Click to open it.
3. In the Project Brief tab, find and click on Advanced Settings.
4. Proceed to the Video Settings section.
5. Click on the Music field.
6. Upload your music file by selecting it from your computer.
7. Note that only MP3 format is accepted. Ensure that the music file’s length covers the entire duration of the storyboard video. If the file is longer than the video, it will be automatically trimmed at the end.
8. Click Open to confirm your selection.
9. To play the background music, click the Play button.
10. Click the same button to stop.
11. Save your changes by clicking the Save button.
12. You can change the background music anytime.
13. Simply click on the Music field again, select another file, and click Save to apply the changes.