Creating a Concept

  • Once you have prepared the project brief and configured the storyboard settings, follow these steps to create a concept using 1 of the 3 available methods
  • Manual Creation
    1. Navigate to the Concept tab and select New Frame
    2. Fill in all the necessary fields
    3. Click on Submit to create the frame
    4. Repeat the process by selecting New Frame until you have created all the required frames in your storyboard
  • Importing a Concept
    1. Click on Export and select Export as CSV to obtain the template
    2. Complete the relevant fields in the file for each frame
    3. Save the file
    4. Click on Concept and select Import Another Concept
    5. Choose the file to import your concept to the platform
    6. To replace the existing concept, just import another concept
  • AI-generated Concept
    1. Simply click on Submit to Create a Concept in the Project Brief tab
    2. You’ll receive an email notification when the concept is ready
    3. Reload the page
    4. If the generated concept does not meet your satisfaction, click on Generate Another Concept to obtain a new one
  • To edit or delete a frame, use the respective icons at the top right corner
  • Frames can be rearranged by dragging them to the desired position
  • When you are satisfied with the concept, click on Approve and Submit for Sketching to proceed with the generation of images