Creating a Storyboard Scene by Scene

Setting Up the Storyboard:

1. In the left-side menu, navigate to Dashboard.
2. Select the second option (Type your concept and script scene by scene).
3. In the drawer, provide the storyboard title, define the aspect ratio, video duration, video type, video style, and language from the drop-down lists.
4. Enter the project brief.
5. Click Submit to create the new storyboard.

Creating Scenes and Shots:

1. You will be taken to the Concept tab to create the first scene.
2. Enter the title for the first scene and click Create.
3. Provide the title and description for the first shot under scene 1.
4. Click the + button at the end of the row to create the shot.
5. Repeat the process for additional shots within scene 1.
6. To add another scene, click the + button at the middle of the page.
7. Enter the scene title in the modal and click Create.
8. Repeat the process to create shots under the new scene.
9. To edit a scene or shot title description, click on them and make the changes.
10. Rearrange scenes by dragging them to desired positions.
11. Similarly, rearrange shots within scenes or to other scenes.
12. To delete a scene or shot, click the corresponding trash bin icon and confirm with Delete.

Editing Shot Details:

1. To provide the shot details, click the edit icon.
2. You will be directed to the edit scene view.
3. In the Details tab, key in the action, choose whether to use characters, and enter prompts for main action and background.
4. Enter the script for voice-over and transitions.
5. Click Save to apply the changes.
6. Use these navigation buttons to proceed to other shots.
7. Add new scenes directly from the edit scene view.
8. You can rearrange a shot by selecting the desired position in the drop-down lists.

Once you are satisfied with the concept and script, return to the Concept tab, and click Next Step: Images, to proceed with generating the images.