Generating AI Voice-Over for Your Storyboard Video

1. Access the Storyboard section from the left-side menu.
2. Locate and click on the specific storyboard intended for use.
3. Before adding a voice-over, ensure that the script parameter is enabled in the storyboard settings.
4. In the Settings tab, swipe right to activate the script parameter if it is currently turned off.
5. Return to the Project Brief tab.
6. In the Default AI Voice field, choose an AI voice from the list.
7. Sample the voice by clicking the play button and stop by clicking the same button.
8. The selected voice becomes the default for all frames.
9. Click Save to apply the changes.
10. Proceed to the Storyboard tab.
11. Click Generate Audio to apply the default AI voice to all relevant frames. Frames without scripts will not have voice-overs generated.
12. In the Voice-Over Audio field, click Play to hear the script with the default AI voice.
13. To use a different voice for a specific frame, click on View.
14. Navigate to the Voice-Over Audio field.
15. In the right field, select another voice from the list.
16. Click the music icon to generate the AI voice.
17. Click Save to apply the changes.
18. Once satisfied with the voice-over, proceed to generate the video.