Generating Images using AI

1. After selecting Next Step: Images, you will be prompted to choose from 3 options: Default mode (Work scene by scene), Express mode (Generate AI images for all scenes in one go), and Manual mode (Order images from our team for all scenes).
2. Select Express mode.
3. Choose the desired style.
4. Select between standard and premium images in the AI picture generator.
5. Premium offers superior image rendering compared to standard, and they are limited based on your plan, while standard images are unlimited.
6. If you opt for premium, the credits needed for images and your balance will be displayed. Each image consumes 1 credit from your premium balance. If you choose standard, no credit deduction is shown.
7. Note that AI will generate the images based on the input in the prompt fields.
8. For both kinds of images, the best results are obtained by using a clear and precise prompt.
9. Click Submit to proceed.
10. You are redirected to the Storyboard tab.
11. The page refreshes automatically every 20 seconds, to check for new images generated.
12. You may also click the dedicated reload button to check.
13. If unsatisfied with the image, choose to regenerate using AI.
14. Update the prompt field with your desired changes.
15. Select between standard and premium images in the picture generator.
16. Choose the desired style.
17. Click Submit to process your request.
18. Once satisfied with all the images, click the Export button, and proceed to download the PDF or generate a video.