How to Import a Concept

1. Navigate to the Concept tab.
2. Click on Export, and select Export as CSV to obtain the template.
3. Open the file.
4. Refer to the sample script within the template for guidance.
5. Enter your script into the file and remove the sample script.
6. Only the description field is required, you may leave the rest blank.
7. Save the file.
8. Click on Concept and select Import Another Concept.
9. Select the completed file and click Open.
10.Each row in the file will appear as separate frames.
11.To replace an existing concept, click Concept and select Import Another Concept.
12.Select another file and click Open.
13.If you already have images in the storyboard tab and wish to import another concept, be aware that the storyboard will be reset. This action will delete existing images, image versions, and comments.
14.Acknowledge the warning by ticking the box.
15.Click Proceed to complete the import process.
16.Your new concept will now be displayed.