How to Set the Picture Format for Your Storyboard

In the Project Brief tab, navigate to the Aspect Ratio field to choose your preferred picture format for the storyboard: square, vertical, or wide

The aspect ratio is a mandatory field, and you cannot save the project brief without specifying this

When creating a storyboard with a prepared script, ensure you select the correct format as it is a prerequisite for creating the storyboard

Once your concept is approved,  the chosen aspect ratio becomes fixed and cannot be altered

To change it, you’ll need to generate or import a new concept

Your selected picture format will be visible in the Storyboard tab, in PDF downloads, and in online sharing

When uploading your own images, cropping is required based on the selected picture format in the project brief

If you opt for a manual sketch, the image created by the artist will align with the selected picture format in the project brief tab