Uploading Voice-Over for Your Storyboard Video

1. In the left-side menu, navigate to Storyboard.
2. Locate the specific storyboard you wish to use.
3. Click on the storyboard to open it.
4. Before adding a voice-over, ensure that the script parameter is enabled in the storyboard settings.
5. In the Settings tab, swipe right to activate the script parameter if it is currently turned off.
6. Proceed to the Storyboard tab.
7. Identify a frame requiring a voice-over.
8. Click the music icon next to Voice-Over Audio to upload the audio file.
9. Choose an MP3 file from your computer and click Open.
10. You may play the audio file by clicking the play button.
11. Click Save to save the changes.
12. Follow the same process for all frames requiring a voice-over.
13. To modify the voice-over, click on the field and select a different file from your computer.
14. Optionally, you can upload and update the voice-over in view mode.
15. Once satisfied with the voice-over, proceed to generate the video.