Utilizing Characters in AI Image Generation

1. After selecting Next Step: Images, you will be prompted to choose from 3 options: Default mode (Work scene by scene), Express mode (Generate AI images for all scenes in one go), and Manual mode (Order images from our team for all scenes).
2. Select Default mode.
3. You will be directed to the edit frame of the first shot of the first scene.
4. But you can work on shots in any order.
5. In the Details tab, tick Yes for the field prompting whether you want to utilize characters.
6. In the prompt field, use @ sign followed by the name of character to add a premium character (example: @Ben) or use hashtag followed by name of character for a standard one (example: #Jenny).
7. Click Save to apply the changes.
8. Characters mentioned in the prompt field can also be viewed in the Character tab.
9. Note that you cannot mix premium and standard characters in the same prompt. The picture generator for premium characters differs from that of standard ones.
10. You may set the background for the image.
11. Once done with the details, click Save to apply the changes.
12. Click AI Generate to proceed with creating the image.
13. Pick the style.
14. The picture generator is automatically selected based on the character type used. For premium characters, the premium picture generator is chosen and vice versa for standard characters.
15. For premium AI image generation, each image consumed 1 credit from your premium balance.
16. Standard AI image generation does not display any deduction as credits are unlimited.
17. Click Submit to proceed.
18. If unsatisfied with the image, you can regenerate it using AI.
19. Make changes in the prompt field.
20. Click Save to apply the changes.
21. Pick the style then click Submit to proceed.
22. If satisfied, you can proceed to work on other shots where characters are needed for the image.