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Are you spending hours preparing concepts, scripts and storyboards? It doesn’t have to be that way.

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  • Generate concepts and scripts in seconds
  • Seamless organization into a storyboard
  • Generate AI images for storyboard scenes
  • Request hand drawn images if needed (optional)
  • Export PDF storyboards with your branding

With our AI Storyboard Generator you can create full concepts, scripts and storyboards much faster and at a much lower cost.

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Why we are creating the best AI Storyboard Generator

We have been creating corporate videos since 2012 and we now have an agency with more than 50 people (fewStones). In parallel, we have also been developing technology around video since 2014, starting with automated rendering on After Effects (Veeroll). During covid, we also launched a productised service to create videos for social media (

The combination of skills and experience we have developed as a team over the past 10 years is what led us to also launch StoryboardHero. We used to spend days on coming up with concepts, writing scripts and creating storyboards. It was not only time consuming but also quite expensive. Until we created StoryboardHero, our AI storyboard generator, to make it easier and faster for our team to create concepts and storyboards.

Learn more about StoryboardHero, the all-in-one AI Storyboard Generator.

Why you need storyboards

If you are a video agency, you probably already know the benefits of using storyboards:

• Our brains like images: when you pitch an idea to a prospect with visuals, you drastically increase your chances of converting this prospect into a client. And the more storyboards you can create, the more prospects you can convert.

• Once you sign a contract, you’d better make sure you are fully aligned on the concept, script and visuals, before you start creating the assets to animate or you start filming. Otherwise you end up with many revisions that eat into your margin.

With StoryboardHero, you can:

• Create more storyboards, faster and cheaper, without burdening your team.

• Iterate faster on storyboards to save time and be aligned with clients on projects."

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What our users say about StoryboardHero


An AI Storyboard Generator is an online platform to create storyboards using AI. It is now possible to generate scripts and images separately using AI platforms but StoryboardHero goes beyond that in several ways: creation of structured script (including voice over, camera angle, transitions,,,), seamless integration of script generation with storyboard structure, options to have our team sketch images if you are not satisfied with AI images, and more. Instead of using different tools to generate AI storyboards, StoryboardHero provides a simple and specialized solution.

Artificial intelligence tools will help improve creativity and productivity in many sectors. For video agencies and video creators, being an early adopter of an AI Storyboard Generator can help you save time when delivering to clients, improving their experience with you. It can also enable you to pitch more prospects with storyboards and win more business.

Yes. You have the full rights to use the storyboards generated by StoryboardHero with your clients. The PDF storyboards you can generate in the platform have only your branding and do not mention "AI storyboard" or StoryboardHero anywhere.

AI technology is evolving fast but it’s still facing some limitations (for instance when you generate images with multiple actions). That’s why StoryboardHero offers options to help generate full storyboards. In the scripting part, you can edit the scripts or regenerate them. In the image generation part, you can also regenerate images or use our team of storyboard sketch artists when needed. We keep improving StoryboardHero as AI technology evolves to make it the perfect AI Storyboard Generator. Your suggestions are also welcome.

Yes, StoryboardHero includes a script-to-storyboard feature. But our AI storyboard generator goes beyond just script-to-storyboard. With StoryboardHero, you can generate the script as well: just input a short brief and our AI will generate a script divided in scenes for you. From there you move on to the next step which is a script-to-storyboard feature to get your visuals.