What We’ve Learned in Creating 100+ Storyboards with AI

As a video company that’s been around since 2011, we’ve spent a lot of time making plans for our videos. But now, having an AI storyboard generator by our side makes it all manageable.

It’s like having a really helpful assistant for our pre-production. We’ve used it to make more than 100 storyboards and learned a lot in the process. In this article, we’ll share with you what we’ve learned and how this intelligent tool has changed the way we work.


The Experience of Using AI in Storyboarding

Using AI for storyboarding might feel a bit new at first, like trying out a new tool. You’ll need some time to test and get used to it.

This adjustment includes learning the tool itself, experimenting with its features, and figuring out how to customize the AI’s output to match your project’s needs.

Quality control is essential, too, making sure the AI-generated storyboards meet your project’s standards. It’s also about integrating AI into your workflow, finding the right balance between the AI’s suggestions and your creative input, and adapting as AI technology evolves.

But once you get the hang of it, it becomes like an incredibly efficient helper. With just a few clicks, you can get your storyboard ready, almost like having a chat with a computer. 

There’s a long list of potential when we talk about AI storyboards. But here are the benefits we personally experience using an AI storyboard generator for our projects: 


Benefits of AI Storyboarding


  1. Saves Time and Effort

AI storyboard generator makes it faster to create storyboards. Simply input information into the necessary fields and click generate. From there, fresh from the AI platform, your ready-made storyboard.


  1. Cost Reduction

By making the process quicker, AI can save money because you need fewer people working for a long time. This is good if you have a limited budget. You can hire a creative assistant at a low cost


  1. Enhanced Creativity and Idea Generation

AI suggests creative and fresh ideas to show your story. It’s like your creative partner in your project. You can start from scratch, and AI will lead the way. 


  1. Consistency and Brand Alignment

AI makes sure all the visuals in a storyboard have the same style. This is important to make a video look professional and match the brand. 


  1. Quick Iterations and Adaptations

If something needs to change in the storyboard, AI can do it fast. AI storyboard generator makes it easy to adjust things as needed during a project. Revisions are now easy as 1, 2, 3. 


Now, we see all the good benefits of using AI storyboarding. It’s time also to tackle its downsides. 


Limitations and Challenges


  • Lack of Human Creativity

AI can suggest ideas, but it’s not as imaginative as people. Sometimes, AI-made storyboards may lack the special touch that human creativity brings.


  • Not Perfect at Understanding Context

AI doesn’t always understand the whole story or context behind a scene. It might make mistakes if it doesn’t know the entire picture.

These are the few challenges we experienced, and from there, we learned. So, to save you from the hassles, here are some tips we can give. 


Tips for Successful AI Storyboarding


Tip #1: Understand How It Works

Before you start using AI, take some time to learn how it works. Understanding the basics will help you use it better.


Tip #2: Keep a Human Touch

While AI can help, don’t forget to add your creative ideas. Mix AI suggestions with your own to make a unique storyboard.


Tip #3: Double-Check Everything

AI can make mistakes, so always review what it creates. Look for errors or things that don’t make sense and don’t align with your project.


Tip #4: Choose the Right AI Tool

There are a lot of AI storyboard generators available now. But remember: not all AI tools are the same. So, pick one that suits your project and your team’s needs.


Tip #5: Provide Clear Instructions:

AI works better when it has good information to start with. If the initial data or instructions aren’t clear, the AI may not do a great job. AI benefits from clear and precise guidance. Ensure your instructions and input are well-defined to help AI generate accurate storyboards.


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, our experience with the AI storyboard generator has had its highs and lows, but the advantages clearly outweigh the challenges. Without a doubt, this tool has been a significant help for our video production team, especially when it comes to simplifying our early planning stages.

It’s like having a reliable assistant that makes our work easier, helping us save time and resources while boosting our creativity and keeping our work consistent. Although there were moments of learning and some tricky parts, the benefits of using AI in storytelling have strengthened our belief in its potential.

As we look ahead, we’re excited about how AI can keep making our video projects more innovative and engaging. So, don’t miss out — be part of the future. Take that next step and start your AI storyboarding journey with us. 


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